All Metal Radiators for Trucks: Sunshine Cooling All Metal, Copper-Brass Radiators, and All Metal Bolt-On Radiators for Trucks

At Sunshine Cooling we get it. Today more than ever you are charged with reducing operating cost and minimizing downtime--no minor feat as you face higher fuel costs along with the mandate to extend the useful life of your truck and equipment.

For more than a quarter century, the Sunshine Cooling team has been satisfying heat transfer needs for medium, heavy, and extreme duty trucks and equipment. We are dedicated to helping you meet your challenges with the right combination of high-quality products, all metal truck radiators, radiators for trucks, cooling system expertise, and exceptional service.

From all metal radiators for trucks, buses to lift trucks, loaders and recreational vehicles we carry a complete line of premium, copper-brass & aluminum metal radiators and charge-air-coolers to satisfy all of your medium, heavy and extreme duty applications. Our long-standing relationships with quality manufacturers such as Active Heavy Duty Cooling Products provide us with unsurpassed access to an extensive range of radiators for trucks, buses to lift trucks, loaders and recreational vehicles to satisfy applications from the late 1980’s through today.

All Metal Radiators and Radiators for Trucks: Sunshine Cooling

Our goal is to provide heavy duty premium high quality metal truck radiators and radiator for trucks and heavy-duty needs. We encourage our customers to maintain their truck radiators well and prevent overheating with regular maintenance and timely replacement of engine coolant for your all metal radiator. We offer both high performance premium truck radiators. We offer a wide variety of make and models at affordable prices, all metal radiators for trucks including copper, brass, and aluminum construction.

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