Sterling Radiators by Sunshine Cooling

When you are driving a Sterling rig you know that you are riding in one of the best machines available. The heavy truck division of Daimler Trucks, the same people that own Mercedes, has long been the standard in the trucking world. And Sunshine Cooling sets the standard for offering top of the line products to keep your rig moving efficiently and effectively.

It is important to keep your Sterling radiator in good shape. A leak will reduce the pressure of the cooling system and cause the system to overheat. A clog inside a Sterling radiator can cause excess pressure that leads to over-pressurization. This will cause internal engine damage. Corrosion can cause pitting along the surface of any piece of metal along the cooling system. The Sterling radiator, water pump and the water pump housing can all be damaged by this process.

That is why Sunshine Cooling recommends using additives in your coolant give your Sterling radiator a good coating along the surfaces. This coating can prevent the damage from corrosion.

Keeping your rig running takes good maintenance and sound parts. Sunshine Cooling wants to help you in your efforts to keep your Sterling radiator and other systems operating at peak performance. Please contact us today to answer any questions you may have about replacing your Freightliner radiator.

Keeping your cooling system maintained is just one item that will keep you on the road and in the money. Don’t overlook a bit of general maintenance that could save you lots of money and spare you some trouble.

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