Thomas Radiators by Sunshine Cooling

Diesel engines are well known for their ability to generate heat. Diesel fuel requires a higher compression rate in order to create combustion. In addition, the increased compression causes the engine to work at temperatures that are higher than gasoline engines. That is why it is so important to keep your Thomas radiator in good working order at all times.

Among the increases in efficiency, horsepower and miles per gallon, the cooling system has had to respond more than other systems on a big rig or Thomas Bus. While the diesel engines of today burn much cleaner than motors from just a few years ago, it also means they are working hotter. A Thomas radiator needs to be free of any leaks and filled with the right amount of coolant and additives to keep it from overheating.

Simple things like keeping the grill clean of debris and making sure that the fan is working correctly will help the Thomas radiator to continue doing its job. As new emission guidelines are passed to make big rigs and passenger vehicles even more efficient you can bet that diesel engines will be working under even more extreme temperatures. Whether it is servicing or a replacement of the Thomas radiator, the cooling system will continue to be of prime importance to a Thomas Bus overall performance.

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