Truck Charge Air Coolers and Truck Intercoolers by Sunshine Cooling

Sunshine Cooling provides truck charge air coolers and truck intercoolers for our customers requiring high-performance truck intercoolers. Our equipment provides the ideal cooling capacity necessary for turbo charged diesel engines. We are dedicated to providing ZERO LEAK TESTED quality truck intercoolers for long-lasting performance. The truck intercoolers we supply are manufactured by Active Heavy Duty Cooling Products for ideal cooling capacity for the large turbo applications, designed to safely increase truck horsepower, increase fuel mileage and help your vehicle achieve superior airflow for your cooling system.

Truck intercoolers reduce fuel consumption, reduce heat and keep the air flowing properly, allowing for longer towing sessions and over the road hauling. Intercoolers also safeguard your diesel engines turbo. To keep your turbo maintained and to keep your truck in good running condition, we offer quality truck intercoolers, or charge air coolers. If you encounter any need for an immediate truck intercooler replacement, Sunshine Cooling has a variety of quality truck intercoolers available in stock. For hard to find units we offer a recore option of your old unit with our heavy duty core.

Sunshine Cooling provides a variety of truck intercoolers to ensure our customers’ can find the right truck intercooler option. We go out of our way to provide many major truck intercooler lines so no matter what our customers are looking for, we can provide the appropriate truck intercooler equipment. Sunshine Cooling professionals are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding truck intercoolers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for general inquiries or pricing questions.

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